About Singapore

Singapore has evolved from a humble fishing village inhabited by indigenous settlements to a first world country within a short period of time. Many people marvel at its beauty and progressiveness.

It is a dynamic city rich in contrast and colour, you’ll find a harmonious blend of culture, cuisine, arts and architecture here. Brimming with unbridled energy, this little dynamo in Southeast Asia embodies the finest of both East and West.

A single day’s trail will take you from the past to the future, from hidden ethnic enclaves to modern business centres, from serene gardens to sleek skyscrapers.

Singapore’s climate is warm and welcoming all year round, with temperature ranging from approximately 30°C in the day to 24°C by night.

To top it all, Singapore has conference facilities that rank amongst the finest in the world. For business and pleasure, Singapore has everything to make your convention a productive and a memorable experience.


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Facts & Figures

Total land area 710 sq km. Comprises one main island (604.2 sq km) and a number of islets scattered off its north-east and south.


Singapore is a tropical island with relatively uniform temperature, high humidity and abundant rainfall.

Average daily temperature

25.2°C – 32°C

Raining Season

Heaviest rainfall – November to December

Total Population

5.54 million

Official languages

English is the language of administration and widely used. Others: Chinese, Malay, Tamil

Ethnic Groups

Approximate figures: 4 main races; 74.2% Chinese, 13.3% Malay, 9.1% Indian and 3.4% others.


Approximate figures: 33.9%% Buddhist, 14.3% Muslim, 11.3% Taoist, 7.1% Catholic, 11% Christianity, 5.2% Hindu, 0.7% others, 14.4% none.

Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA)

10 Kallang Road, ICA Building (Next to Lavender MRT) Tel: 6391 6100 www.ica.gov.sg


F&B outlets have a 10% service charge on bills, tipping is not necessary.

GST Refund Scheme

Upon departure at Changi Airport, travellers who have spent a minimum of $100 at shops displaying the Tax Refund and Tax Free Shopping logos can claim for GST (Good and Services Tax) paid on the purchases at the GST Refund Counters.

Drinking Water

It is perfectly safe to drink water straight from the tap in Singapore. However, for those who prefer bottled mineral water, local supermarkets and grocers usually carry a sizeable selection.


Singapore voltage is 220-240 volts AC, 50 cycles per second. On request, most hotels will provide transformers to visitors with electrical appliances of a different voltage, such as 110-120 volts, 60 cycles per second.

When shopping for electrical appliances, do remember to check the voltage of the item against the acceptable voltage in your home country. The power plugs used in Singapore are of the three-pin, square-shaped type.

Shopping in Singapore

A good number of department stores and some smaller shops are open daily from 1000 hrs to about 2100 hrs, or even 2200 hrs. Singapore is one of the few countries in the world where it is reasonably safe out in the streets up to late evening as long as basic precautions are taken.

Mustafa Centre in Little India is the only department store in Singapore that is open 24 hours a day, everyday!

Credit/Charge Cards

Almost all stores accept major international credit and charge cards. Should you come across a shop insisting on adding a surcharge, do contact the local office of the card company so that corrective action can be taken.


Banking hours are Mondays to Fridays: 1000 hrs to 1500 hrs. Saturdays: 0930 hrs to 1300 hrs (some banks are open until 1500rs). Sundays: 0930 hrs to 1500 hrs (some banks in Orchard Road).

Most banks handle travellers’ cheques and change foreign currencies. However, some banks do not have foreign exchange dealings on Saturdays. Passports are required when cashing in travellers’ cheques. A nominal commission may be charged.

Visa Requirements

Generally, foreigners who do not require visas for entry and are visiting Singapore as tourists, may be given up to 30-day social visit passes upon their arrival in Singapore

For more information on visa requirements, click here


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Increasingly, personal safety and security are becoming critical concerns of international travellers. The situation in Singapore remains relatively calm and stable, and the island remains one of the safest in the world to visit.

Enhanced security measures at key installations and other sensitive places ensure that Singapore continues to remain safe. The Singapore Government explicitly states that extremism originating from religion or race has no place in Singapore and swift action will be taken against any extremist or terrorist groups or individuals.

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