New Sightseeing Tours

We are delighted to offer 3 new tours in our menu of guided Singapore sightseeing tours. These 3 tours focus on seeking out authentic local experiences and the tours are kept small to facilitate interaction and hands on experiences.

Travel back in time with us on this beautiful journey as we bring you back in time to a different Singapore. Learn how bread was made the traditional way before the modern loaves hit our shelves.
Next, hear first hand from one of the masters of paper houses making, how the Chinese pray and pay their respects to their ancestors by burning paper objects. Also, a visit to our very popular coffee roasting factory.

This is not just an eating tour but it is also about our beloved wet markets and hawker centres, the origins and heritage of our foods.

People know Mr Lee Kuan Yew as the politician, as one of the founding fathers of Singapore, or the globally respected elder statesman, and the iconic figure. But who was he?
Our journey takes you through Mr Lee’s early years, his family life and the beautiful love between Mr and Mrs Lee.